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Laserline 361 Guardian ADR Immobiliser

Laserline 361 Guardian ADR Immobiliser

Thatcham Cat2 ADR immobiliser

Price includes fitting at Autolec’s HD1 workshop


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Two long range random code ADR (automatic driver
recognition) code tags with 3-volt lithium batteries that
can be replaced if required.

Tags shut down after ten minutes of no movement of
the tag to increase battery life and turn back
automatically on when the tag is moved again.

Two immobilisation relays with 20-amp continuous
capacity that passively arm 25 seconds after the
ignition is turned off on the vehicle.

Automatic disarm once the unit sees one of coded
ADR tags.

No customer interaction required to arm or disarm the
system so the kit will integrate and is compatible with
any wireless or non-wireless vehicle ignition key.

Flashing status LED that can be mounted on view if
required with self-adhesive mounting LED option also
or it can be hidden if required, Low 7mA current draw
when the system is armed.

Secure touch key override that can be used if any of
the uniquely coded individual tags are misplaced, up to
28 ADR tags can be coded into each system.

Optional horn and hazard light operation.

Optional high-quality leather key ring cases available to
hold the tags


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