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ECU Remapping Huddersfield


Autolec HD Ltd work in partnership with MM Group Ltd to provide a full range ECU software services including:

– ECU remaps for performance

– ECU remaps for economy

– ECU remaps for Petrol and Diesel vehicles

– ECU software alterations

– ECU cloning

Benefits of ECU Remapping

Having your vehicle remapped can unleash your engines full potential giving you more performance and if driving gently better fuel efficiency. With the extra power you will not have to change down gear as often when driving up hills or accelerating from low speeds. An ECU remap is a great upgrade if you are towing a caravan of driving a motorhome as the extra torque will giving you more pulling power for the heavy load.

ECU Cloning

If your vehicle has a faulty ECU this can be a very expensive repair due to cost of a new ECU and taking your vehicle to the main dealer to have it programmed, MM Group Ltd can extract the programming information from your existing ECU and inject it into a new/second hand ECU this will save you money and get your vehicle back on the road quickly.