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Dashcams Huddersfield


Dashcams Huddersfield

Autolec HD supplies and installs the high quality Thinkware and G-Net dashcams Huddersfield, we can also install any other dashcam that you supply, to give you a professional install without any messy wiring and also keeping your cigarette socket free as we hardwire the dashcam directly to your cars fusebox. Ensure you are protected in the event of an accident by having a Thinkware or G-Net dashcam professionally installed, from a simple front facing dashcam to a front and rear model with GPS and a smartphone app for quick and easy playback we have a camera to suit your needs.

Hardwiring your own dashcam

We can hardwire your own dashcam to your vehicle, Hardwiring your dashcam means no messy cables on show and the dashcam doesn’t need to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket as we will wire it in so it turns on automatically when the ignition is turned on.

The cost to hardwire your own front dashcam is £60-£85 and to hardwire your own front and rear dashcam is £120-£150.

Please note although we guarantee our installation your dashcam warranty is with whoever supplied the dashcam and we do not know how to operate every make of dashcam. We will ensure the camera turns on and is recording when the ignition is on but you will have to carry out any other setup  yourself.