Auto electrical fleet installations 12 volt vehicles only


Whether you have a fleet of 2 or 50+ vehicles we can provide an electrical solution for your needs, with fitting available at our Huddersfield workshop or mobile at your location.

All prices are plus VAT

ScorpionTrack Fleet Vehicle Tracking

  • Great for fleets of all sizes
  • 100% web based software, no installation, no downloads and guaranteed reliability
  • Innovative, industry leading fleet management technology
  • High quality yet affordable system
  • Simple installation with unique technology
  • Manage drivers and vehicles with precision
  • Increase productivity, save time and money
  • Live demo available, contact us for login details

£125.00 Fully Fitted

Monthly subscription cost £8.25
Annual Subscription £82.50

Add a Thinkware F70 dashcam for £99

Prices plus VAT


Thinkware F100

Thinkware F70

  • 1080P FULL HD front camera
  • Optional lock box to stop SD card or power wire being removed
  • with or without a GPS antenna
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor
  • includes 16GB Micro SD Card(expandable upto 64GB)
  • Parking Mode, records even when ignition off
  • Speed camera alerts(with GPS antenna)

Front only £125
Add GPS antenna £20
Lock box £20
64gb memory card £15

Add ScorpionTrack Fleet for just £99

Prices plus VAT


12V power outlet in loading area £105.00
Internal/ external LED work lamp  £120.00
Extra Internal/ external LED work lamp on same circuit £80.00 (only with above)
2x LED Interior lamp £60.00
Extra interior LED Interior lamp £25.00 (only with above)
Bluetooth handsfree kit  £195.00
Split charge system & battery  £300.00
(100 amps leisure battery + £45.00 for AGM battery, for smart charge vehicles + £82.50)
Inverters 300Watt pure sine wave £200(Over 300w will require split charge system) POA (what is the total wattage needed?)

Reversing & Safety

Front facing dash camera  £120.00
Commercial rear parking sensors (rubber)   £220.00 (pickup truck/luton/tipper)
Front and rear parking sensors(colour coded/black)  £355.00 (car/panel van)
Front parking sensors switch operated(colour coded/black)  £210.00 (car/panel van)
Rear parking sensors (colour coded/black)  £200.00 (car/panel van)
Reverse camera with monitor on dash or windscreen £350.00(car/panel/luton/tipper)
Reverse alarm £70
Reverse alarm (night silent)  £85.00


Alarm Thatcham category 2-1 £225.00
add microwave sensor to van alarm £65.00
Tracker (fit only – customer supplied) £85.00
Tracker category 6 (£12.49 per month subscription) £165.00
Tracker category 5 (£16.99 per month subscription) £565.00
Fleet tracker £125.00
Fleet tracker annual subscription £82.50
Fleet tracker annual subscription 4+vehicles £65.00
Autowatch Ghost 2 invisible immobiliser £374.00


Single bolt beacon (rotating R65 + bulb £110.00
Single bolt beacon (non Reg 65 LED) £120.00
Single bolt beacon (Reg 65 LED) £155.00
Micro lightbar (non Reg 65 LED) £145.00
Micro lightbar (Reg 65 LED) £195.00
Mini lightbar (rotating R65) £135.00
Mini lightbar (non Reg 65 LED) £160.00
Mini lightbar (Reg 65 LED) £235.00
600mm lightbar (rotating R65) £150.00
600mm lightbar (non Reg 65 LED) £230.00
600mm lightbar (Reg 65 LED) £285.00
770mm lightbar (Reg 65 LED) £365.00
1000mm lightbar (rotating R65) £295.00
1000mm lightbar (Reg R65 LED £385.00
1250mm lightbar (rotating R65) £295.00
1250mm lightbar (Reg R65 LED) £425.00
1500mm lightbar (rotating R65) £325.00
1500mm lightbar (Reg R65 LED) £445.00
Pair of flashing LEDs – amber (Reg R65 LED) £185.00
Pair of flashing LEDs – amber low profile (Reg R65 LED) £230.00

All prices are plus VAT